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22 August 2011


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I am admiring you right now, great job staying with your practice and supporting yourself through this difficult time! Your trip (and having to leave on such short notice) sounds pretty stressful. I wish the Cowboy could have been there to help you. Glad you got there and that your Gram is doing better. Sending supportive thoughts.

Sarah Fain

Sending you love. xo

The Cowboy

You and me both Kristina! Its hard enough being separated from my girls when everything is going right, its pretty unbearable when things go wrong. I struggle with this on a daily basis when I'm away from home, which has been far too excessive this year. But I have my role to fulfill and am extremely lucky and grateful that Jeanne as attained Supermom status in her own right and and handles all of the metaphoric 'heavy lifting' while I'm away. I admire, respect and love her more than you can imagine and am thankful for the person she and the example she sets for the LO.

As Dorothy so aptly put it, '...there's no place like home.' I can't wait to get back there and carry the lions share of the burden, even though Jeanne will still have to do the 'heavy lifting' where the OLO is concerned.

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