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27 January 2011


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Damn, I think I would miss impromptu overnight trips to Vegas too! LOL! You made a HUGE life change, missing some or all of it sounds perfectly normal to me. What do I miss? Privacy. In-laws living under the same room....every minute detail of our lives usually ends up broadcast to a large portion of that side of the family.


I miss those spur of the moment trips out of town to a spa to wine country. Shopping at Nordstroms. Discretional funds in the bank to do with whatever you choose. BUT then my son does something wonderful or has an accomplishment and I get to experience it with him and I forget all about the other stuff. I truly believe when we are ready to go back to work at whatever capacity it is there will be something. Maybe not as grand or fast paced or high paying but something that will fulfill and satisfy.

Amy Orum

Sometimes, when the Florida cool air dips enough that I have to pull out my worn, outdated NorthFace coat, I am reminded of the Montana winter.
I remember the lace of frost that decorated the inside of my bedroom windows, the shampoo bottles that would be frozen at the foot of the claw footed tub if I had accidently shut the bathroom door all night. I remember sleepily padding across the cold hardwood floor of the old house I rented and the groan of the heat register slowly coming to life as I would start my day in the dark. The winters were so cold but we were prepared for them and wore our long underwear, bulky sweaters, filled our bellies with hearty bread, steamy chai and rich french onion soup. Sometimes I have dreams of hiking through a gulch, with only the sound of 'swish-crunch' of my cords and boots on the packed snow. My breath hangs like a thin cloud and I am surrounded by sparkling p-pines that are heavy with ice and snow and the quiet is overwhelming. Like you, sometimes I wonder if go back would I see the winter the same way or would I be disgusted and inconvenienced by it's cold and silence. Do I miss the snow or simply that time in my life?


Being married and having a baby is WONDERFUL. I feel incredibly lucky. I AM incredibly lucky. But sometimes I miss waking up on Saturday with absolutely no obligations or anyone expecting to see me. Just me and my Saturday. I'd go get my nails done, spend an hour and a half walking around Target for no reason, go alone to Benihana for lunch where I'd do a crossword puzzle or read US Weekly. All topped off with 8 hours of Lifetime movies. I wouldn't give up 5 minutes of time with my family...but I do get nostalgic... What scares me is how much I'll someday look back at NOW and ache for when my baby was still a baby.

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