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07 October 2010


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Gosh...I would have to say that the weirdest place I have practiced yoga would be when I lived in Spain. I went to yoga "class" that was held in a room the size of a walk in closet. It was silly small and made for a very interesting, sweaty, cramped and...GASP...smelly experience.

The ‘me’ of today wouldn't have taken that "class". Thank god for reckless youth, because I would never have had any interesting experiences otherwise.


We practiced the Ra ma sa da sa say so hung healing meditation this week in our yoga class, all because I have been reading your blog. Thank you!

yogini cowgirl

That's exciting! THANK YOU for reading!!!

Henrietta Cosentino

Can I answer both questions? (Not waiting for an answer) (:
The weirdest place I ever practiced was a small cement block house at a site called Aviation #2 on a windswept plain in Zaria, Northern Nigeria, where some of the lesser faculty & staff (very international crowd) at Ahmadu Bello University were housed in new, raw cement bungalows. (i was an instructor in the School of Basic Studies, and I taught English and French language and lit. An American woman named Paulette offered the classes in her tiny living room, and it was not only broiling hot but noisy under the tin roof of her house. We didn't the kind of mats we now use. We had raffia mats, provided by Paulette. The year was 1978 and it was my very first intro to yoga. Paulette was a beautiful enthusiast and I felt completely inept but it was fun. There were only two other students and we may have had six or eight classes with her, total. I didn't pick up yoga again for decades, but the seed was planted there.
Where is my mat now? Funny you should ask. I inadvertently left it at a friend's apartment in Chelsea following the intensive weekend makeup at Golden Bridge, NY. My friend is a photographer but not a yogi. My husband also left something behind there--a book he was in the middle of. We wrote to Phyllis and suggested she stretch out and read. And then just add yoga. Don't think she will, though. But who knows tomorrow?

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