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04 September 2010


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I think what I'm thankful for is coffee. Yesterday morning I stopped in to a local coffee shop...two brothers who opened a fair trade venture out of a tiny house off Gilbert rd. I ordered a Latte but with an expression of pained disappointment, the owner told me his machine was broken and gestured to another guy who was neck deep in the espresso machine, going at it with a screwdriver...He said he could manage a drip coffee and I said that would work. I went to pay him but he said "No way man..on the house...you didn't get what you came in for...just come back in some time O.K.?" It was the best cup I had in a long time...for lots of reasons. This morning my wife woke up and wandered out to where I was. I'd been up for a long time but it was still very early...she was sleepy and squinting as she shuffled in, half-waved at me and headed toward the coffee maker. I hadn't made any yet and she kind of stood there staring at the pot. I had a hunch. "Hey honey...you know it's only Saturday right?...you don't have to work today, you can go back to bed" Her sleepy smile was still on her face when I watched her drift off. Coffee...yeah...I'm thankful for coffee today.


The Sun. Today we had planned to all go to the beach. Even if it's cold, overcast and crowded. We woke up and looked out our window and the beach is clear and the sun is shinning. Boogie boarding for everyone.

yogini cowgirl

Brian - you are a good man and your wife is a lucky laday!
and Theresa - hope it was an incredible day at the beach!

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