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27 June 2010


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Call Monday and set up mini dates for the week!


It's so scary!!! What if they were just being nice??? I'd hate to find out I got a fake number!!!

The Cowboy

Jump in all at once, babe...no slow entry into the water here...they are either real or they aren't. You might as well find out and start deepening friendships with those who are and not waste anxiety wondering on the others. I'm proud of you for embracing the the world I dropped you and the LO in as I whisked of to your comfort zone, Los Angeles. Funny how we find ourselves in places the other is most comfortable being. I know it would be easier for you if I were home, where I really want to be, but perhaps the self immersion by fire will help you to create your own comfort zone that isn't overshadowed by my world there.

I like Karen's advice. BE BOLD...be yourself, how could they not love you...It worked on me. XoXo

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