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05 November 2010


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I love the new picture, or has it been there and I haven't noticed. Thanks for writing! I read often and often talk about your writings in my classes.

yogini cowgirl

Thank you for noticing!!! I put it up just yesterday, so you couldn't be more "on the ball!" And THANK YOU, too for the huge compliment of talking about the writings in your classes. That's amazing and I'm glad to be finding topics that you find interesting/worth exploring more. Peace & Sat Nam!


Re: New family traditions... My baby turned 1 on Dec 16. After celebrating his birthday we went out and got our Christmas tree. A new family tradition was born!

yogini cowgirl

i LOVE your new tradition, Liz!!! That's beautiful.


Just an FYI. Saw you on Sarah Fain's blog. You can buy Weebles at Walmart still. Cute as ever and still made by playskool. :-)

yogini cowgirl

EXCELLENT! Thank you, Chris!


Hello, stopping in from Bloggy Moms!


Hope to see you around!


Sarah Williams


I'm celebrating spring by showing off my white legs while preparing my little garden for plants...(it is still inside after the snow). yea for spring and sunshine!


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